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Please read below to see what our customers think about us. Please note that none of these comments below are edited in any way and they are posted live with full consent by our customers.

Naples Transportation, Tours & Event Planning 
During the last year, I have been working with Blue Robin Software on WebDMC. It is a customized web based software for the Destination Management Companies Newport Hospitality mentioned that Best of Boston was working with a company called Blue Robin to develop software since as an industry we did not have any. The software is incredible and very similar to the hotel industries Delphi. It expedites the lead, proposal, contract, event management and invoicing process. -- Lesely Marr -- 

Columbia Tech 
I have been dealing with Earl at Blue Robin for several months now and have high praise for his professionalism. His response time to my requests is exceptional! I have since recommended Blue Robin to others.
-- Nora Leonard -- 

I'm so excited. It has been a whole hour and I haven't received a single e-mail. That hasn't happened in years. I usually receive 10 to 15 e-mails per hour with most or all being spam. Thank you for giving me back my life and more time not spent looking at SPAM.
-- Rick P. -- 

Koffman & Dreyer 
As real estate attorneys for 30 years, we pride ourselves on being readily available when our clients need us. Blue Robin has greatly improved our accessibility and responsiveness with our new website, email server and VoIP phone system, with the same commitment to exceptional client service that we strive for. We love working with Hadi and everyone on the Blue Robin team and look forward to our next project together.
 -- Nancy Dreyer and Joan Koffman -- 
Telecom Partners
We at Telecom Partners have been consultants for 15 years. After surveying the telecommunication landscape for a particular product or service, we make ONE recommendadtion to our clients. Our firm's reputation sinks or swims on the basis of that recommendation. We have known Blue Robin since its inception and we have been recommending them to our clients who need their kind of expertize without hesitation! We know that Blue Robin will do a great job and we also know that recommending Blue Robin will make Telecom Partners look good as well!
 -- Ralph Bevilaqua -- 

Positions Inc. 
Our company has been working with Earl Gray for years. When he announced the creation of Blue Robin, we soon followed him. Blue Robin promptly resolves any issues that occasionally arise. They answer any questions I might have quickly and succinctly. They are so responsive to our needs that I sometimes I feel as if our company is their only client. Earl, Hadi and Dennis have given us unparalleled support and I highly recommend them.
-- Rob Simoglou -- 

I just wanted to let you know that I received help in setting up my new email account from Dennis at your office today, and I sincerely appreciate the exceptional customer service that I received. Please thank Dennis for all of his assistance this morning and also for calling and leaving a message for me regarding fixing the problem so that I can send messages from the new account. I did as he suggested, and everything appears to be working fine now. It is a relief to know that such competent and courteous people who are so willing to assist are working at Blue Robin. In fact, all of you at Blue Robin have provided great customer service so far, and I'm sure it will continue!
-- Suzanne -- 

Probe Stone Facade Systems, Inc. 
After my nightmares with another web designer/host, Blue Robin has been a pleasure to deal with. Whatever I ask for, it's done without a problem and without costing thousands of dollars. They are a true "gem".
-- Louisa Tett -- 

Party Solutions Entertainment Network 
Earl, Congratulations on your new endeavor. It's a nice feeling knowing you're a hard worker, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping keep things running smoothly. I know I'm in good hands with Blue Robin Inc. Our Boston's Best Entertainment URL has come a long way and looks great, thanks to you and you staff.
-- Joseph Kouyoumjian -- 

American Auto Transporters, Inc. 
Blue Robin is the easiest and fastest when you need IT done right. They are friendly, kind and know exactly what we need for our company: and are fun to work with. Thanks, you are the best!
-- Leticia Sullivan -- 

Bickford's of New England 
Working with Earl has been a delight. Any questions about our website are answered immediately and the whole thing is very turn key for us. He is top-of-the-line when it comes to service, which is hard to find. He provides us with the confidence to concentrate on other things in our job because we know our website is in great hands. We look forward to a long relationship with Blue Robin.
-- T. Brehob -- 

For those of us who aren't techies, Earl, Hadi and Dennis do a great job of patiently translating IT concepts into layman's terms. Their work on the redesign of our website was professional, timely and their input was invaluable. As well, their customer care is top notch, and I know that whenever we have a question or problem, they are always eager to help us in whatever way they can.
-- S. Wood -- 

Blue Robin has been one of our strongest business partners. They took the time to focus on how to present our business with the most professional presence possible and advised us on how to clean up our web and email services. We now have one of the best sites of anyone in our Industry, with automated work flow process and sales tracking that has streamlined our opportunities and improved performance and increased sales and support to our agents and customers. I would highly recommend Blue Robin to any business looking for a partner that is reasonably priced and 100% focused on the long term success of your business.
-- Steve King - Managing Partner -- 

The Best of Boston ltd. 
Having worked with Earl Gray before he started Blue Robin, I was quite optimistic about receiving good service from him through his own company. I have not been disappointed. Blue Robin has the technical expertise to meet all my company's requirements and a service mentality that can meet the extremely high expectations of my own service business. I recommend them highly.
-- Ellen J. Burnett -- 

Boston Anchor & Safety Equipment, Inc. 
I was getting approximately 40-50 spam e-mails a day and came in this morning after the upgrade and had ZERO! THANK YOU Blue Robin for filtering out the junk mail.
-- Erica -- 

When I need revisions to our website, I barely send out the request and they're done. There aren't many vendors who provide such fast service. I told Earl that soon I'll be expecting "psychic" service--I'll just think the changes and they'll be done instantaneously.
-- Linda -- 

The Best of Boston, Ltd. 
Thank God for all of you!
-- Donna -- 

Northeast Financial Strategies Inc 
The switch to Blue Robin has been flawless. Earl has been wonderful in helping to move our website domain and email servers over to Blue Robin and is great when it comes to answering questions and tackling problems we have. I would recommend Blue Robin to anyone looking for a company committed to their customers.
-- Jeffrey N. Schweitzer, EPA, CEP, ATP -- 

Marthas Vineyard Surfside Motel 
Blue Robin has been innovative, responsive, reliable, and a joy to work with. Earl Gray's enthusiasm is backed up with technical know-how and a willingness to accommodate our business needs. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Blue Robin.
-- Kate A. Young -- 

The Icing on the Cake, Inc 
Thank you Earl and the Blue Robin team for making the switch to Blue Robin so easy. The friendly service we receive and the high quality is the best! I highly recommend Blue Robin for any company, any size.
-- Paula Kirrane -- 

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